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Chargers' different statuses
Chargers' different statuses
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You can easily monitor the real-time status of your chargers. To view their status, select the desired account or all accounts.

On the chargers tab, you will find a column labeled "Status."

Chargers status

  1. Available: The charger is available to use. No vehicle is plugged in.

  2. Preparing: The vehicle is plugged in, but no transaction was applied. If the charger is secured, the driver must start the transaction with the APP or an RFID card. If the charger is plug & charge, the transaction will start automatically.

  3. Charging: The charger is charging the vehicle.

  4. Finishing: The driver stopped the transaction, either by the APP or by unplugging the cable.

  5. Completed: The battery is full. The vehicle stopped the transaction at 100% or at any set-up the driver has applied in the car.

  6. Paused: The driver started "Standard Charging" during peak hours. The charger has an active transaction and is paused until off-peak hours are are set up to this account. This is relevant only to sites with delayed charging. To edit a site, please read this article.

  7. Faulted: There is a problem with the charger. Faulted chargers typically provide an error code (diagnostic code). To view the diagnostic code for a faulty charger, unhide the 'Falult code' column in the chargers table. This column will contain a fault (diagnostic) code as provided by the charger and can be used to report to the charger vendor. To resolve a faulted charger, please read this article.

  8. Offline: The charger is not communicating. It means there are either connectivity issues or the electrical breaker is down.

  9. Unknown: The charger was added to the Back office but is not configured yet. Once the charger is configured to our platform, the status will change.

  10. Unavailable: The charger is unavailable to use (usually under firmware upgrade). For further information, please contact our customer support.

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